Kiss the Wave

Originally written to a friend in 2013

Charles Spurgeon said that, “I have learned to kiss the wave that strikes me against the Rock of Ages.” Spurgeon acknowledges that there are trials in life and he has come to accept them, but he’s not a fatalist in his acceptance. He embraces the storms of life because he knows that what they result in. As Hebrews 12 says, God disciplines those He loves for our good so we may share in His holiness, and James 1:2 says to consider trials pure joy because they lead to maturity. Spurgeon does not miss the forest for the trees. He greets his trials with a kiss, which of course does not make them any less of a trial, but shows that he knows that without those trials he would not be drawn quite as close to Christ.

It’s not a mindset we are born with- hence Spurgeon “learning” to face his trials with a kiss. It takes a lot of time to learn to embrace that which brings us pain, but it is ultimately that which brings us life, and we would do well to learn from the wisdom of Spurgeon.

Everyone on earth will face trials, suffering, and hardships. It will break a lot of people and it will cause a lot of people to despair. There will be more people who let their tears add to their waves than those who greet their waves with a smile because they push them towards Christ. Which will you be? -M.

Kiss the Wave

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